The MBA: More Than Just A Line On Your Resume
You spend so much time, money, and effort perfecting those applications to every business school, preparing to take the GMAT, and finally deciding where to go. Add the opportunity cost of putting your career on hold for a year or two, and don’t forget about that tuition fee. Of course, you would want a ROI ASAP. Having an MBA degree no doubt, gives that resume boost you needed to snatch that dream job and that dream salary. But have you ever thought about what you could get beyond just an added line on your CV?
There are many more intangible benefits of getting that MBA degree. Of course, it gives you prestige, career development, and more business knowledge, but the rewards transcend career-related matters. If you are deciding whether to take that leap into an MBA or not, consider the other opportunities to add to your bottom line.
Learn to Work With People
Most MBA programs require many projects that force you to work with teams and get better at it in the process. During the MBA, you will at some point work in a group with more leaders than followers and more strong-minded personalities. This entails many arguments and compromise, but is a good way to practice and learn how to work better in extreme environments. More than getting to learn how to work better in teams, you will absolutely increase your leadership potential and capabilities after the program. Collaboration is key in most careers and by working in teams, you will realize that the best results do not come only from one person. By absorbing the leadership styles of others and learning to adjust to their needs, you get to know yourself better, and develop the correct leadership mindset to make an impact in your next career move.
Think Better
Having a higher education obviously involves a deeper sense of thinking because you get to dig into your chosen field. In an MBA, while you develop a better business sense from your classes, gaining knowledge from your peers who have worked in different fields gives you more understanding and insights on particular problems. As you constantly crack cases in the classroom, you figure out various ways in which you can solve a problem, and thus develop your critical thinking skills. Working with diverse teams, you will come up with strategies and solutions like you have never before.
Friends For Life
When you choose an MBA program in an international setting, you will get to meet people from all over the world – people from countries you might not even know about! While you get to learn about different cultures and customs in their respective countries, you will get to realize that you are more alike than you thought and that you are working towards the same goals. Being in an international environment teaches you humility, respect, and a sense of community. The peers you will be spending a whole year (or two) with will no doubtedly be your friends for life. You can now travel the world and enjoy the company of your friends in every country!
Personal Development
Completing an MBA is hard work. It will be one of the biggest challenges you will face in your life. The sleepless nights cracking cases, dealing with people who are hard to work with, beating deadlines, and who can forget about those deadly exams? In these moments, hard as they may be, you will get to realize that you can do anything. You will question yourself, your capabilities, and your limits, but when you succeed in the end, you will find out that nothing is impossible when you have the right motivation. It will make you think about yourself in a deeper way and in the pursuit of attaining the MBA degree, you also reward yourself with more insight into your personal goals and what is most important to you.
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By Bianca Lontoc
Bianca is a Filipino living in Madrid as a graduate student. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and sustainability, being an experienced business woman in the field. FinTech is also in her fields of expertise as a former professional in the area. In her spare time, she loves to learn, explore, and write about her experiences.

Interested in applying to an MBA program, but don’t know where to start?
Create a profile on for instant access to personalized MBA recommendations, detailed business school profiles, MBA recruiters, and more!